Here Are Benefits of An Access Control System

11 Sep


  For property managers and building owners who want to revamp security in their properties building management is a top concern.  The availability of interior and exterior doors, heavy traffic, and presence of sensitive and restricted areas  greatly contribute to more security concerns. Access control systems can solve so many such concerns and control unauthorised entry.


Most businesses are fitted with CCTV from the inside and outside.  This way property managers can be able to tell if the people in the building are authorised.  CCTVs are beneficial to a company because in case of a crime they can see the images of the people committing the crimes.  However, if they are captured on CCTV, the first question should be how they were able to gain entry into the building.  If you don’t have access control in your building this article will show you why it is beneficial. You'll want to get more information..

Access control systems make sure only allowed people to gain entry into a premise so undesirable and strangers are kept out.  Iris recognition, code access or swipe card access are some of the types of access control systems available in the market.  The type that’s commonly installed is the proximity cards, staffID and fobs.  Such ensure that access is allowed upon showing the for or valid card for reading and approval.  Here doors are locked instantly after they close to boost security.

 There is access control even in interior doors ensuring that staff can only be in their allowed areas.  They do this to preserve confidential material from being accessed by other staff members. 

 Visitors going into any building must first get to the car park.   If the car park has access control they will not be allowed past the car park meaning they will not be able to enter the building. Do check out info for control system for gate options. 

 When it comes to open staff car parks, this is a space which non-staff park their cars hence making it hard for staff working in that building to get parking especially if they don’t have a designated place to park.  To protect your car park from unauthorised parking, you can consider installing a car barrier that will only lift when a correct code or valid ID is presented by authorised personnel. This will make sure that no unauthorised card take up space in the car park.

 Security and peace of mind are two main benefits of installing access control systems.  Access control provides staff control and security solutions.  Since access control is a vital expense expenditure for a company you should ensure you get professionals to install and sell the product to you. DO check out this example of automated parkring:

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